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For asset managers looking to offer their strategies to new investment vehicles, the right infrastructure is key. Archer puts your team on the fast track to enter new distribution opportunities, reducing time to market and keeping costs predictable.

From separately managed accounts to model delivery and direct indexing, we can help get you there with our powerful technology and industry connectivity. Working with Archer allows investment teams to focus on growth while our team of experienced operations and technology professionals provides full outsourcing support.

Every element of Archer’s turnkey technology integrates seamlessly with existing systems, allowing your team to launch new products quickly and efficiently. We leverage long-term relationships with custodians and brokers to ensure sponsor program compatibility and unencumbered data flow.

The Proven Solution for Expanding Distribution

The Challenge

A global investment manager was seeking a way to gain market share with advisors that service high-net-worth clients. The firm had been offering a suite of model-delivery strategies through UMA platforms and had significant interest from advisors to access the firm’s investment expertise through SMA strategies, whose tax and expense benefits were attractive to high-net-worth investors. Without the infrastructure in place to support separate accounts at scale, the manager needed a way to quickly enter this new market.

Archer's Solution

The Solution

The firm tapped Archer to get its SMA offering quickly to market with strategies that had previously only been available via mutual funds and closed-end funds. Archer’s operations solution included account maintenance and trade administration services, and its technology enabled the needed connections to wirehouses and other institutional providers. The firm was able to quickly and efficiently introduce the SMA strategies, and capture advisors’ and investors’ interest. The firm successfully leveraged their existing products into new distribution opportunities, experiencing growth without increasing their technology or operations footprint.

The Challenge


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