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Having the right data at your fingertips can help you identify trends, make decisions, and measure success. Archer provides investment managers with a variety of investment data services, including access to a variety of data sets and underlying fields to help you customize the data in the way that best serves your business needs.

Asset managers can select the data access option that best meets their needs.

  • Data Cloud: provides direct integration with a data marketplace so asset management teams can query Archer alongside proprietary and third-party data. This approach provides connectivity with client portals, CRMs, and business intelligence tools, and offers flexibility in the types, amount, and arrangement of data.
  • Data Delivery: makes select standardized data sets available via secure file delivery, and enables data from Archer to be stored in an asset manager’s data warehouse. Deliveries may be scheduled to align with your business practices and processes and can be sent at an agreed-upon cadence.
  • The Download Center: provides on-demand access to focused data sets on accounts, assets, transactions, performance, and compliance — across all business lines. Within the Download Center, users can modify and customize reports.

Revolutionize Data Access

Transform your investment management strategies and revolutionize the way you access the power of data with Data Cloud.

Support Institutional Investors

Access tailored support for your complex investment vehicles.

Streamline Operations

Consolidate support for all of your portfolios using our technology-enabled professional services.

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