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Investors have grown accustomed to a personalized experience in all aspects of their life, including their investment decisions. Customized solutions are expected to grow to $1.5 trillion by 2025 as investors look to manage factor exposures, optimize after-tax returns, and align with values.

By partnering with Archer, managers can customize at the account or product level to accommodate preferences and restrictions, easily view and manage accounts, and compare a benchmark portfolio to a customized version.

Direct Indexing

Offer investors more control

Whether used to access investments that align with values or to optimize after-tax returns, direct indexing has become a popular choice for today’s investors with assets expected to hit $430 billion by 2025.

Archer helps investment managers deliver direct indexing solutions at scale. With technology that accommodates fractional share trading and streamlines personalization and tax management, managers can offer an array of personalized accounts. Archer offers connectivity across all distribution platforms and automations to enable managers to build orders across thousands of accounts in seconds.

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Tax Optimization

Meet the demand for tax smart investing

As investors look to mitigate the impact of taxes on their portfolios, managers are finding new ways to bring tax optimized strategies to market. Archer can help managers develop and deliver tax optimized solutions with efficiency, flexibility, and scale.

Archer’s integrated and automated solution enables investment managers to develop tax-aware solutions for both actively managed and direct indexing accounts at scale while maintaining the integrity of their investment process. Investment managers can differentiate their offering, provide their clients with a higher level of transparency, and ultimately grow their business. Managers can leverage a third-party or proprietary optimizer and optimize strategies across a wide range of constraints, including industry, sector, country, currency, transaction cost, multi-period, multi-account, active or passive portfolios, and multiple currencies.

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Multi-Asset Strategies

Deliver portfolios that span asset classes

Multi-asset strategies enable asset managers to combine different types of assets in a single custodian account so they can meet growing demand for outcome-focused solutions. However, managers may face challenges in bringing multi-asset strategies to market due to the associated operational and reporting challenges.

Archer helps asset managers launch these multi-asset strategies with our multi-sleeve account solution, which makes it easy to scale while meeting customization and reporting needs.

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Values-based investing

The streamlined solution for accelerating impact investing

Today’s investors demand solutions that align with their values. And increasingly, the success of investment management products depends on your team’s ability to incorporate personalized models that suit investor preferences.

Archer’s solution provides new ways to combine investment strategies with expert data to deliver scalable personalized products. Managers can dynamically apply environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors within a central hub to create personalized products. Our platform’s intuitive interface makes it easy to define multiple products and update base models along with personalized models, helping to keep your team on top of new opportunities and investor demand.

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Meet investor personalization preferences at scale

The Challenge

A $20+ billion advisor-focused independent asset manager was looking to streamline its workflow, particularly the process of realigning investors’ multistrategy accounts. The firm’s high-touch process required seven to ten days of tedious effort from the operations team, during which time the portfolio managers’ model changes could not be implemented.

Archer's Solution

The Solution

Archer coordinated the staging and execution of the trades needed to deploy the multi-strategy realignments. The new process enabled the team to generate more than one million trades across thousands of custom multi-sleeve accounts in one hour by deploying custom strategy weights across accounts. Within two business days, all strategies were aligned to their assigned allocations and all sleeves were realigned to their respective underlying portfolio models.

Archer’s partnership and customized solution reduced the rebalancing time and freed the investment management team to shift their focus from operations to generating investment results. This streamlined process assured the team of their ability to continue delivering a positive investor experience that will scale as they grow.

The Challenge

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