Multi-Asset Strategies

Deliver portfolios that span asset classes

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Meet investors’ demand for outcome-focused investment solutions — without the associated operational and reporting challenges. Archer enables investment managers to launch multi-asset strategies using a multi-sleeve account structure where one custodial account includes multiple manager accounts.

As a result, investment managers can unlock features for delivering portfolios spanning asset classes:

  • Link several distinct models into a single custodian account
  • Sleeve accounts preserve the models’ holdings, with cash and overlapping securities recorded and reconciled at the sleeve level
  • Each multi-sleeve account has a set allocation for the sleeves

Easily build custom allocations and access custodial account and sleeve-level performance. Archer’s proprietary technology makes it simple for managers to meet customization and reporting needs — enabling customization at scale.

Meet Demand for Outcome-Focused Solutions

From matching investor preferences to generating custom reports, Archer enables greater efficiency without increasing your administrative workload.


In addition to combining different asset classes in a single custodian account, our technology simplifies personalizing for preferences and tax optimization.


With custom reports available at both the account and subaccount levels, it’s easy for portfolio managers to view model performance and performance of underlying accounts.


Archer’s technology enables investment managers to handle large volumes of activity with no additional administrative tasks. Our platform is connected across all distribution channels for complete integration with third parties, including custodians, administrators, brokers, and sponsor platforms.

Archer’s Solution Multi-Sleeve Accounts

The Challenge

An established global manager was looking to expand their brand and grow their business by packaging equity and fixed income strategies within a single account structure to meet the demand from financial advisors and intermediaries. However, their technology did not support the product composition and account structures, and their staff’s inexperience with the new strategy limited their ability to scale. Additionally, the firm was under pressure to maintain or reduce costs.

Archer's Solution

The Solution

The firm leveraged Archer’s experience and platform to create multi-sleeve accounts, in which multiple assets rolled up to one custodian account. Archer’s technology allowed for a scalable solution, reducing future capital expenditures and potential staff augmentation, and allowing them to further expand their offering to include models of models. As a result of their targeted product offering, the firm transformed their brand to be known as a solution provider for the RIA channel.

The Challenge


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