Archer and Brooklyn Investment Group Partner to Provide Asset Managers A.I.-Powered Custom Direct Indexing Solution

Berwyn, PA– May 23, 2023 – Archer, a technology-enabled service provider to the investment management industry, today announced a strategic partnership with Brooklyn Investment Group (Brooklyn) to provide its asset manager clients with a fully integrated, separately managed accounts (SMA) platform that enables fully personalized direct indexing with automated tax-loss harvesting. Through this solution, investment managers will benefit from seamless account opening, custom index creation, tax-loss harvesting, and enhanced trade execution that promote client engagement and growth.

“As investors increasingly demand personalized investments, including direct indexing and tax-efficient strategies, asset managers are looking to innovative technology to help them meet the need,” said Archer President and CEO Bryan Dori. “The sophistication of Brooklyn’s platform is unlike anything we have seen on the market, and we’re excited about the many ways this solution can help our clients drive long-term growth.”

The fully integrated platform leverages Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) to power custom portfolios and strategies that go far beyond negative screening, allowing investors to access investments that are aligned with their financial goals, interests and personal values. By using natural language processing technology, publicly available data sources can be integrated with Archer’s datasets, empowering asset managers with superior information for better investment decision making. In addition to ESG and thematic integration tools, asset managers also have the ability to integrate multiple strategies into one account, as well as an intuitive user interface and industry-leading speed to market through seamless connectivity with counterparties.

“Our shared vision is that tech-powered SMAs will transform the asset management industry, much like ETFs transformed an industry dominated by mutual funds over the past three decades,” said Erkko Etula, Brooklyn’s CEO and former Goldman Sachs Managing Director. “We’re excited to see how the turnkey direct indexing solution powered by our strategic partnership benefits firms seeking to provide higher levels of customization and tax efficiency to their clients. As A.I. advances, so will our platform. Together with the Archer team, we look forward to helping accelerate evolution in the asset management industry for years to come.”

“There is a significant opportunity for investment managers to add value for their clients through custom index creation and automated tax loss harvesting,” added Brooklyn co-founder John Nay. “At Brooklyn, we’ve leveraged A.I. and institutional-grade quantitative investing to build a sophisticated cloud-based solution, which empowers asset managers to deliver customization and tax efficiency at a massive scale.”

About Archer

Archer is a technology-enabled service provider that enables investment managers to manufacture solutions aligned with investor needs. With Archer’s fully integrated and robust technology platform, investment managers can maintain their proven investment process while outsourcing operations and technology to create a servicing model geared for growth. Archer has deep and broad-based experience working with asset managers, creating customized solutions to help them swiftly launch new products, streamline operations, and enter new distribution channels.

About Brooklyn Investment Group
Co-founded by John Nay, Ph.D. and Erkko Etula, Ph.D., Brooklyn Investment Group is an SEC Registered Investment Adviser that leverages the technology of its parent company, Brooklyn Artificial Intelligence Research. This technology is combined with institutional-grade portfolio optimization and automated tax-loss harvesting to power personalized portfolios for clients. Over the past five years, Brooklyn Artificial Intelligence Research has developed a powerful A.I. engine for customizing investment portfolios and more than $5 billion has been traded on portfolios created by its A.I. to date.

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