Benefits of the Data Cloud

Data is a key element of investment management, and having the right data at your fingertips can help you identify trends, make decisions, and measure success. Archer provides investment managers a variety of options for efficiently accessing data, including our new data cloud option hosted through Snowflake.

    1. Data Transfer Efficiencies

    The data cloud eliminates the need for an FTP site, which means that instead of waiting for file transfers, our clients can access these huge data set within seconds. There is no need for asset management teams to write a program to watch for the file, get the file, and load; once Archer populates our local copy, it is available right away.

    2. Full Access to Complete Data Sets

    This solution makes all data available, so rather than having to communicate which data sets are needed, the user can pick and choose what they need at that time. Doing so eliminates the need for permissioning and access, which have to be constantly updated on both sides of an FTP transfer. Once the update is complete, the asset manager’s third-party tool reads it immediately.

    3. Data Sets are Dynamic

    With the Data Cloud, because all available fields are included, querying on any data field is possible. All updates are automatically passed to all data sets and can be accessed through third party tools and investment management teams are able to efficiently query across data sets to quickly get the information they need with no programming requirements or wait time. In addition, because all of the records are linked, all changes are reflected right away. when the user wants to subtotal, or filter on any of the fields. This dynamic updating also allows for better integration with third party tools which can be used for analysis and for running consolidated reporting.

The data cloud is a great choice for asset management teams with a data warehouse that are seeking connectivity with client portals, CRM, and business intelligence tools.

For more information on Archer's data access options, view our overview here.

Robert G. Lage, CFA
Robert G. Lage, CFA
Executive Vice President, Global Head of Product & Technology

Robert Lage, Archer Executive Vice President, Product & Technology, is a founder and chief architect of Archer. With a deep understanding of financial service products and as a CFA® charterholder, he helps build solutions that enable clients to expand distribution, launch new investment products, and grow their business by streamlining operations and addressing unique needs through an agile, continuous development process.

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